Before returning to higher education, I worked in marketing at a boutique agency in St. Louis. Although I worked on all aspects of the agency’s integrated marketing offering―from brand strategy to copywriting to social media―my specialties were market research, technical writing, and content creation, and I lead the agency’s efforts on anything research-driven.

Now I take on select contracts in market research, content marketing, and technical writing. Read on for more detail on how I can help, case studies, and work samples.

Market Research

As the market research lead for a boutique agency, my findings helped successfully launch the nation’s first line of non-GMO corn, provided direction for the repositioning of a major health brand, and gave essential guidance to several startups.

Working with limited resources at a small agency, I developed methods for maximizing our findings without costly custom surveys or panel research. Using online resources as well as my knowledge of public data and academic research, I can yield valuable insights without traditional tools.

Now I offer quick-and-dirty market research: directional, actionable insights featuring just the information you need―no needlessly complex statistical models, no costly surveys or panels―at a reasonable price and in a reasonable time.

I’m available to conduct quick-and-dirty (read: budget-friendly) directional research studies as well as more extensive, primary research projects.

Case Study

Bunge North American approached my company for insights on the prospects for a line of non-GMO corn they hoped to launch. Working on a short timeline, I helped Bunge determine the size of their launch and indicated the most promising sales targets. Many of my custom insights had a long afterlife, making their way into advertising and thus supporting not only a highly successful launch, but ongoing growth for years to come.

Content Marketing

Great content drives the Web, which is to say that it drives most business growth today. I’m skilled at translating technical knowledge or a vague subject to engaging, deep content that draws traffic and converts prospects to leads, leads to sales.

My research background helps me learn your business quickly and determine an appropriate content strategy, and my writing background means I readily translate that insight into posts that draw in your audience.

Case Study

In my role at MarketPlace, I made developing our own company blog a priority. I developed a custom database of news sources in and adjacent to the industries our agency served, and regularly drew on it to produce newsworthy trend posts and insights.

My efforts developing content for the site helped land the MarketPlace website at or near the top for all our targeted search terms.

Technical Writing

Blog content drives customer engagement online, but ideally it never serves as the sole content you have available: longer, more technical content that your audience can download invites them into a relationship with you (i.e. generates a lead) and cements your position as an industry expert.

I research and write technical documents that aren’t technical in the stereotypical sense―dull, overwhelming, loaded with jargon―but that rather translate complex material into comprehensible terms, that make it matter for your audience. Need a white paper or other technical sales document? I can help.

Case Study

As the primary strategist, writer, and researcher for my agency’s client Parker Products, I researched and wrote eight white papers which were released over the course of a year, generating over 600 leads directly on their website. The white papers were also published through industry media, generating thousands more leads for the client.

For work samples, more information, or to discuss how I can help your brand, get in touch

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