I really feel that if everyone would go back to nature and experience its joys, we wouldn’t have to wrory about people putting razor blades in candy. A lot of vandalism and crime is the result of boredom. I’m thinking . . . of people in this area who have nothing better to do than go to the corner tavern and drink beer and shoot pool. I’m also thinking of the white-collar crowd who loves to go have a “couple drinks” at a nice bar, waste a whole Saturday night at a cocktail party, or a whole Sunday watching ball games. You don’t find gardeners doing these things. Or even wanting to do them. For gardeners there is so little time in life, so much to do and enjoy. For gardeners, there is no time to waste!

Jennifer Trapp of Salem, Wisconsin, quoted in Parsnips in the Snow: Talks with Midwestern Gardeners, by Jane Anne Staw and Mary Swander.