Matthew Loftus has much wisdom to offer on raising a family that resists the atomization of modernity and the insanity of hyper-conscious parenting. A couple favorite excerpts:

Both secular and Christian moralisms excel in preaching abstinence; it makes very little difference to a child whether your banned literature is Harry Potter or The Bell Curve. A parental culture that emphasizes following the rules is one in which the Law is supreme; you will either form proud elder brothers who live for the rules or rebellious prodigal sons who break them at any opportunity.


In particular, many more Christian families need to move to undesirable places to carry out the work of God’s Kingdom: “dying” rural areas, suburbs that are “going downhill,” “dangerous” urban neighborhoods, or another country entirely. One does not need to be employed in full-time ministry (it has its own spiritual dangers) to do this work; simply prioritizing one’s call to love others above your potential home value is a tremendous example of discernment. If a family is able to discern this area of calling together by moving (or staying), then more mundane tasks of discernment like determining what movies, music, and books are good for you will be relatively easy by comparison.