“You have to hand it to print, it really had an incredible run,” said Madison, WI resident and avid reader Emily Burnett, 39, noting that though she always knew in her heart print would pass away one day, it still hasn’t been easy to bid it farewell. “Look at print’s list of accomplishments: the Magna Carta, the King James Bible, the oldest surviving manuscript of the I Ching, the Declaration of Independence, the first edition of James Joyce’s Ulysses, every single issue of The Onion ever printed. That’s quite a legacy print’s leaving behind. And the world will not soon forget it.”

“On second thought,” Burnett added, after pausing a moment, “the world will probably forget it pretty soon, actually.”

Print Dead at 1,803 - The Onion.

In a piece with so much good stuff–a jab at Jeff Jarvis, a nod to the cessation of print at The Onion–my favorite thing is the note of Ong here at the end, which the subtle joke about print as a memory device. Which may not be intentional, but I love it anyway.